Bitparax, as the Most Complete Crypto Exchange Service Provider.

Bitparax, as the Most Complete Crypto Exchange Service Provider.

At present, Cryptocurrency is a currency that is widely owned by some people in the world, which is a digital currency issued by Blockchain technology. Although the currency has been widely used by the public, but it still has many limitations, which users can only use the currency to conduct transactions by transferring a number of crypto currencies to other users. Where it is caused because the crypto currency is only virtual and not physical like fiat currency, but has the same purpose. In addition, at this time there are still many merchants that only accept common crypo currencies, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin V, while other currencies that still have a low value are still not accepted. So this will make users feel difficulties.

Of course, to make it easier for users of crypto currencies to be more flexible in empowering their crypo currencies, technology is needed that can exchange various types of crypto currencies. Although some platforms already provide these services, these platforms impose high transaction costs on users, but they also cannot provide advanced technology to speed up access to the exchange. So that it can make users feel difficulties. However, the Bitparax platform is now available that will provide solutions to crypto currency users who have difficulty in exchanging cryptocurrencies.

Where Bitparax is a platform that provides a complete exchange of various types of crypto currencies, where all information regarding the required currency exchange can be accessed through the official website In addition, Bitparax will also provide this information 24 hours a day, so users can also make transactions anywhere, anytime that suits the user’s tastes. Not only that, Bitparax has also provided the Parax token as a legitimate exchange tool and will be used by all users who wish to participate through the Bitparax platform. At present, Parax tokens already have a total supply of tokens of 16,971,239 units of tokens, which in order to increase the value of these tokens Bitparax will not raise funds through the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) method, but will submit in full the value of the currency. to market conditions.

In addition, Bitparax will also charge a low fee to users, for which the platform only charges a fee of 1% to users who trade takers / makers. In addition, Bitparax will also give a number of Parax tokens to users as prizes for conducting currency exchange transactions through the Bitparax platform. Not only that, the platform will also provide 30% lower fees for users who make transactions using the Parax token, which can be done by pressing the toggle button and the settings found on the Bitparax site.
Users who wish to participate through the Bitparax platform, users are required to first register their user accounts, which for the registration process the user must access the official Bitparax site at

Furthermore, users are also required to register as the process has been set by the platform, which includes registering a special e-mail that will be used only for all things related to Bitparax. Where after filling out an email, the users will fill out the form provided by the platform. Then, users are also required to pay registration fees, which costs are relative depending on the project or transaction chosen by the user. So after all the process is done, then Bitparax will process the registration application for 7 days.

After carrying out a variety of registration processes, users can enjoy the services that have been provided by the platform. Where the Bitparax platform provides various types of crypto currency exchange, which is a currency that has a high exchange rate and is very commonly used by users, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin V, Bitcoin Gold, Cream, Dash, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Fenniecoin, iBitHub, Litecoin, Parax, UFO, USDT, Waves, Stellar Classic, Ripple and Zilliqa. Not only that, the platform will also complete the currency information relating to trading fees, deposits, withdrawal limits for 24 hours, deposit status, trading status withdrawal status, pending deposits and delayed withdrawals.

The Bitparax team has done everything possible to create the latest technology that can be used to facilitate crypto currency users. therefore, the Bitparax platform can be said to be a platform of exchange services for various types of the best crypto currencies, which can also be seen from the number of currencies that have been registered through the platform.

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