Authoreon Officially Announces The Release Of The NanoLense and NanoCam

Authoreon Officially Announces The Release Of The NanoLense and NanoCam

Counterfeit goods are a huge drain on the economy, and in the worst case, counterfeits can be a massive threat to people’s lives. By 2022, fake products are expected to exceed 4.2 trillion dollars in damage to the global economy, as well as to put more than 5 million jobs at risk.

Authoreons’ optical scan technology allows users to verify original products against counterfeits, for example in the luxury-, pharma- and car-parts-sectors — without the need of expensive RFID/NFC chips. And the solution allows brands to regain control over their distribution channels, to limit grey- and black-market sales, and to track down counterfeit producers and retailers.

On a microscopic level, every material such as leather, textiles, plastic, wood or even metal has a unique surface structure — just like a human fingerprint. Even two evidently identical items out of the same batch differentiate in high resolution.

The Authoreon NanoLense is a portable microscope extension for smartphones required to capture micro-scans with a 400x magnification to verify the originality of e.g. luxury products, car-parts, and pharma products. The device is easily attached to any smartphone camera — no cables, additional light or external power source required.

The counterpart is the Authoreon NanoCam, a portable or static microscope camera for industrial use in production lines that allows brands and manufacturers to capture unique micro-scans of original products to store them on the blockchain for future verification.

In combination with Authoreon’s A-ID, the world’s first machine-readable optical label on the blockchain, each micro-scan creates a digital twin of the product on the blockchain, that can be tracked and verified through all stages of the supply-, retail- and ownership chain.

Based on a sophisticated image recognition algorithm, the snapshot taken by the consumer is compared against the blockchain-stored micro-scan taken by the manufacturer.

Authoreon’s NanoLense and NanoCam devices are in production now and can be pre-ordered here, shipping starts December 1st 2019. Both devices will be available worldwide as stand-alone portable digital microscopes on online shops and marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Rakuten. This will open a new revenue stream, as well as allow us to upsell all Authoreon products — especially the upcoming dApps — to consumers and corporations.

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Published at Sat, 02 Nov 2019 16:33:22 +0000


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