WordPress, Ethereum and Freelancers – WP Smart Contracts

WordPress, Ethereum and Freelancers – WP Smart Contracts

Solidity Ethereum Smart Contracts

WordPress is one of these phenomena that have fierce haters and lovers but it is undeniable that WP is the leader of the Content Management Systems, one of the biggest players on the web content and one of the favorite tools for freelancers around the globe.

There are professionals WordPress plugins for almost any use case in the market, ranging from e-commerce, e-learning, SEO and security, but there is also a growing category: Smart Contracts. There are quite a few popular WP plugins to handle cryptocurrencies payments, trading information, but recently it has launched a plugin that lets you create Smart Contracts on the fly that allows any regular WordPress users create and handle Smart Contracts with no programming skills.

One of the biggest players in the Ethereum community has been OpenZeppelin, a company that has created a set of Solidity Smart Contracts that have become a de-facto standard in the community, with the above plugin users can deploy to the main Ethereum network or to a test network most of the famous contracts by OpenZeppelin and others companies like Consensys which are the creators of Infura, a hosted Ethereum node cluster that allow any user to use Ethereum network without the need to run their own nodes.

WordPress freelancers interested in this plugin can find it typing “WP Smart Contracts” in the plugin installation dialog or downloading it directly from the site: https://wpsmartcontracts.com

Published at Mon, 13 Jan 2020 14:11:51 +0000


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