Why Mining City and Why Not? – Mxolisi Kani

Why Mining City and Why Not? – Mxolisi Kani

Why Mining City and Why Not?

As I told you before, ten years ago I was down and out living with my mother with no prospects of becoming anything. I was drinking too much and I was on the verge on becoming a street paddler whose only title in life would have been wasted talent. I once heard a saying that goes as every man has a legacy, whether they like it or not. That stuck with me, what would mine be, I’ve always been afraid of the concept of wasted talent.

Wasted talent, we see that everyday, oh mine he could have been great, he comes from a great what happened. He had so much potential. What a shame.. Believe you me I was there, you can see it in people’s eyes, you can feel when you banging against that wall and don’t have hope.

What changed? I took a deep look at myself and realized I was going to die and no one would remember me. I will be forgotten, I will be insignificant.

That scared me, not dying, I came too close to dying on repeated occasions and some point I even welcomed it. It was the insignificant part I was afraid of, the vanity in me want to be remembered, want to make an impact in this world.

Mining City is bitcoin mining and investment company, so what, we’ve seen most of them, what’s different? Well it began as a concept from Network Marketers who saw a need to provide solutions in the bitcoin mining space. There was a problem that needed to be solved and Mining City is the vehicle we are using to solve that problem.

What is the problem, inequality, poverty, partaking in this great revolution called block chain. Mining City identified pain pressures that millions of people, how am I going to provide for my family, how am going to get out of debt, I need extra income to supplement for my current job. I need to put my child to school and I can’t afford

I have student loans, I’m in deb, I’m suffocating. Mining City provides relief to these pain pressures and this business drastically change your life as it has for me and thousands of others. There is hope, there is redemption and I welcome you to come and take this journey with me and lets not be insignificant to our families and let’s impact the world together and let’s change the world

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