We are Taking The Bold Step – HashingAds

We are Taking The Bold Step – HashingAds

Hi There, we appreciate your support a lot and to ensure we stay up to expectations, we are moving to ETH Network. This will help is in Future development of Hashingads

We would love to be 100% Transparent with all our supporters for this reason we would be updating our roadmap and White paper. Once Update is completed; the link will be provided for download & easy access from the Platform

Switching to Ethereum network enabled us develop a new Tokenomics

Hashing Ads Tokenomics
1 Token = $0.0095
Total Supply = 7,000,000,000
Initial Circulating Supply = 2,000,000,000

Token Generation Event = TBD

✅ SoftCap $50,000 [Achieved Private sale]
✅ Hard Cap $15,000,000

✅ ICO/IEO = To be announced

✅ Unsold Token = Will be brunt 💯

✅ Achieved Soft Cap = We would keep achieving our Roadmap & Listing is scheduled Q1/Q2 2020. After Upcoming IEO/ICO ends.

F.A.Q Question

🤷‍♀ I joined Airdrop & entered Waves wallet How do I receive coin?
☀️ Airdrop will be distributed on Hashing Ads and you can easily withdraw to ETH wallet.

🤷‍♀ I Bought During Private Sale/ Received Via twitter Airdrop on my wave wallet how do I swap?

☀️ Simply Deposit your Coins on Hashingads and withdraw to your wallet selecting ETH once ETH withdrawal is enabled.

🤷‍♀ Can I Buy more Coins?

☀️ Yes simply use the instant deposit option on the website & fund your account you can always withdraw BNEX into your ETH wallet once enabled.

Kindly be informed Distribution/ swapping to ETH wallet haven’t commenced. All earning on the website will be sent to waves wallet if you process withdrawal now, once Token is generated; we would completely move to ETH.



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Published at Tue, 05 Nov 2019 11:35:13 +0000


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