The top-5 books about blockchain and bitcoin. – Gary NG

The top-5 books about blockchain and bitcoin. – Gary NG

This book explains in detail why blockchain technology will probably change our lives. According to words in books, this is the second revolution of the digital era. Blockchain will completely change the world of business and allow ordinary people to conduct their financial affairs more efficiently.

According to the authors, this open and encrypted technology is available to all comers. It is already used in various fields of activity. The book was written by Don Tapscott, author of the best-selling book Wikinomics, and his son Alex Tapscott, an expert on blockchain.

4. “Digital Gold”

Nathaniel Popper’s book, Digital Gold, was one of the first. where the stories of bitcoin and how blockchain and digital currencies changed the world were told.

Popper paid special attention to the figure of the mysterious bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto, talking with many prominent people from the time of the bitcoin formation. It shows the history of bitcoin through the eyes of several famous figures of this industry, who stood at the origins of this revolutionary technology. Among them are millionaires from Asia and South Africa, and also Winklevoss twins, who created the Gemini exchange service.

The author analyses Bitcoin in detail and explains how it will become the world standard for storing money in the near future. Therefore, he draws an analogy between digital currency and gold. Before writing this book, Popper published several articles about bitcoin in the New York Times. This book is written in very good language. If you want to understand how Bitcoin achieved its current position, be sure to read it.

5. “How Money Got Free”

The author of this 500-page book is Brian Patrick Echo. He has been involved in journalism for many years and worked as an editor for Entrepreneur Magazine. This book, in my opinion, you should definitely read, because it is one of the most detailed and recent studies, which covers all aspects of the mysterious history of bitcoin: influential players in this field, mistakes, the secret of Satoshi Nakamoto’s personality, battles in the courts and various the vicissitudes of fate, without which not a single cryptocurrency based on the blockchain could do.

As a journalist, Echo has been closely following the cybersecurity industry and the rise of Bitcoin for five years. He lives in New York. Excerpts from his book have been published in many publications, including The Atlantic, The New Yorker, American Banker, and Avaunt.

This book has been praised by readers. It talks about the market value of cryptocurrency, billionaires who invested their capital in it, and the inventors of cryptocurrency, many of whom were idealistic rogue people who did not like big banks.

In addition, it is about that now these largest banks want to appropriate this wonderful invention, but its creators, some of which became billionaires, refuse to give up without a fight. “How Money Got Free” is the most detailed and fascinating story about what the new currency is and how it is changing the economy. This book is a compulsory for anyone who wants to understand how Bitcoin and all digital currencies are arranged.

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