The service of Classepay – ClassePay

The service of Classepay – ClassePay

Safe crypto wallet for deposit and withdraw. With the Classepay Wallet, your private keys and your money remain in your control at all times. And you’re using code that’s 100% open source for community testing and audits

  • Support Bitcoin (BTC) , Ethereum, Tether , Ripple and Classe
  • Email and push notifications for payments and transfers
  • Easy spending proposal flow for shared wallets and group payments

Now a day, the world has a various Cryptocurrency merchant service platforms (e.g., BitPay, CoinPayment and PundiX, etc), which they service to the both type of merchants (online and offline). Aims of these platforms to support the Cryptocurrency holders, who want to pay the goods and services by Cryptocurrency (e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, etc) to the merchants. The survey shown that we have approximated the number of Cryptocurrency holders around 35 M users in the world, and they are continuously increasing. (

When we compare all of the Cryptocurrency merchant service platforms with the number of the Cryptocurrency holders and the merchants, which it accept the credit card around 50 M merchants in the world (, in fact we have not enough platform to support all of the merchants and the Cryptocurrency holders in the word. The merchants are ready to accepting the new way of payment to service theirs customer.

The main problem of the Cryptocurrency merchant service platforms are the automatic exchange from the Cryptocurrency to the local fiat currency, when the merchants willing to receive the Cryptocurrency but they want to immediately exchange. Because the merchants want only the fiat currency to circulate in to the merchants and they worry about the fluctuated of the Cryptocurrency. Mostly of the platforms service the Cryptocurrency wallet direct to the merchants and want them to receive the Cryptocurrency directly and hold it, so the merchants has many processes to convert the Cryptocurrency to the fiat currency by them self. Another problem of the merchants are the lack of knowledge about the Cryptocurrency and how to accept it, they want the consultant and the training course for their staffs (especially the merchant’s cashier).

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