The Prophecy of The Phoenix (1/3)

The Prophecy of The Phoenix (1/3)

(10/10) A ©BitCoin Story: The Prophecy of The Phoenix (1/3)

I was originally introduced to BitCoin watching an event put on by The BitCoin Association in London. It was headed by an entity by the name of CoinGeek. It was watching this event live, I discovered BitCoinSV. I immediately connected with the mathematics of the protocol and could see this had a bright future. It was headed by a man that claimed to be BitCoin’s creator.

As a plumber, I found it rather appealing, this charismatic figure rolling out on stage to Frank Sinatra — My Way. It reminded me a lot of myself. I also connected because it was at this event he mentioned the word “plumbing”. I thought that was weird, an IT guy using the word plumbing. Either way, It was a connection for me.

The next day, I went on twitter and saw the entire world speaking negatively about this man. I couldn’t believe it, the math was gold. I couldn’t understand why people were failing to see the truth. I felt really sorry for this man. I thought he was by far the smartest man walking the planet after seeing his resume.

I started building right away. An app I thought might help him with his quest against everyone who didn’t believe in the mathematics or protocol. I felt like I was in a good camp, building the right product, for the right man. He seemed very educated, has a background in religious studies and was a past employee/officer, at a church I believe.

It was around this time, I was following this man on Twitter and he posted this image:

This is a 500 year old engraving by a gentleman by the name of Albrecht Durer. If you do some research, there is a checkerboard in the top right hand corner. This piece is well documented and no PhD in history has documented it’s true meaning. If you do some research you will find that the square’s numbers always total 34. Now what does that mean? I studied this image for over 6 months and came up with the conclusion the number 34 does not mean 34 at all, but in fact, 3 & 4.

Now I was never into Egyptian or Esoteric numerology at this point in my life. It never even crossed my mind. Who was really into this type of numerology I asked myself? Well I found out it was the occult and people that cast spells and stuff. Really weird right? I’m just a regular guy…

It was around this time, I discovered this self proclaimed creator of BitCoins birthday was October 23rd, making him a Triple Scorpio. What I really found interesting is, my birthday was October 24th, making me a Triple Scorpio as well (as long as I was born before the sun went down). Now seeing that Satoshi really reminded me of myself when I first encountered him, watching London, he really connected with me now because we are both Triple Scorpios. So I took this 3&4 as October 23rd & 24th. Now, check this out.

This is the Jan 1988 Economist cover that predicted that in 30 years, a digital currency would emerge. Well in 2018, one did. It was called BitCoinSV. It was reborn roughly 10 years after the original BitCoin as well (the number 10). Now, you see a phoenix or an eagle. What does this have to do with Scorpio’s you might be asking?

There you go. They have everything to do with Scorpios. Also checkout the symbol “φ”. It’s Phi. It has a value of 500. If you do some searching around, you will find that the number 500 and the phoenix go hand in hand. Some ancient folklore tale about the Rising and Falling of the Phoenix every 500 years. I know it sounds like child’s play and a year ago, if you told me you were into this stuff, you were crazy to me.

So now we have some connection to The Phoenix & Melencolia I. I’m just a plumber and Satoshi is a great man. So when I look at Melencolia I, I see him sitting as the adult (3) and me and the baby (4). There was some ancient 500 year old connection between us.

At this point in time, I had no idea who owned The Economist during the time of the Phoenix publication. I can tell whoever does/did own it, has a very special connection to it now (at the time of writing)

I immediately started building upon the protocol. I thought I had a half decent product to help onboard the world to BitCoin. I just really wanted to help this guy because I couldn’t stand to see people tarnishing his name so often. That is the kind of person I am, I help out a fellow brother, especially when I see that his message/mathematics were gold. I felt really sorry for him taking all this public scrutiny. He seemed like a good man…

It was around this time in the story, I caught wind that there was a BitCoin Hack-a-thon coming up at the next CoinGeek event, being hosted in non-other then my home town of Toronto. It was actually being hosted at the Carlu of all places. It’s a historic event space downtown Toronto that I actually worked on 18 years earlier (at the age of 18) as a sheet metal apprentice, where I learnt the skill of trigonometry and triangulation, the math that is the foundation of block-chain technology. I found it so weird they would be hosting an event there of all places. Maybe a coincidence? Another connection…

It was around this time leading up to CoinGeek Toronto, that I was building at lightning speed. I was trying to get the product submitted for this hackathon that was coming up. I thought I had a half decent product and maybe a shot? I was actually working for months day and night and I just made the deadline for submissions. I thought it was golden. It was a hackathon for products that were aimed at onboarding the world to BitCoin. Turns out, I didn’t even place top 14. I thought something was wrong right away. Most of the projects that were chosen were broken or don’t really exist anymore. I couldn’t understand because I was so heavily invested and I thought I was a smart guy….?

I had such a bitter taste in my mouth from the results of the hackathon I decided, I didn’t even want to go to this CoinGeek event anymore. Why would I want to spend my hard earned money to be around people that don’t believe in me or my product? I made my mind up, I wasn’t going…

It was around this time I was approached by a gentleman named Michael (@BSVAdventure on twitter or BB on slack). He was an Australian gentleman I randomly met who heard about my hackathon outcome and offered to buy me a Ticket to CoinGeek. I said “No dude but thanks”. I really didn’t want to go at this point but he insisted he had a ton of money and I should go. I kept saying “no” but he kept going until I said “yes”. I thanked him for his generosity and said “hey, what the heck!”. Here is the wallet transaction:

It was a few days before the Toronto event and I heard nChain was already in town. I was familiar with downtown because that’s where I grew up. I decided to host a small meetup at a bar on Yonge Street called “The Yonge Street Warehouse”. It was a college bar across the street from my University where I studied Project Management and Computer Science in the evenings. It was also 2 blocks from the Carlu, where the event was to be held. I figured if anyone from nChain was going to come, the meetup should be close to the event.

I posted that message in MetaNet ICU (Slack) and within 2 hours the entire nChain group was there and within a few hours after that, the entire bar was packed, not bad for a weeknight. It was at this bar I first laid my eyes on Satoshi (or so I thought) and his entire group. I graciously hosted them and said “hello”. They immediately disregarded my presence and continued to go sit at the back of the restaurant (I believe there was a group already waiting for them). It wasn’t a big deal to me, I don’t like being the centre of attention anyways. Plus I was just a plumber, not a notable scholar like this man. I had a few drinks and hung out with some new friends and went home. I was a little disappointed that I organized a meetup for some particular individuals that brushed me off after saying hello but I am a big boy, I can take care of myself.

The day of the event, it was like torture, watching the finalists present their products on stage and I was stuck just watching. It was agony. I am a firm believer of a competitive corporate culture and only allowing the best products to make it. I was still firm that my product was good enough to be up on stage with the rest of the competition. I couldn’t understand why someone would be oppressing my product. I was in and out of the event most of the day and didn’t really care much to be there but to hang out with my friends from Italy and to mingle with anyone in the space really. I was a plumber and wasn’t into IT at all as an adult (mostly as a kid).

There was an after party at a club after the event. I showed up and had a great time. These guys knew how to party. It was in this club, I walked past Satoshi, much like I did at the meetup at the university bar a few days earlier and as we walked past each other, I avoided eye contact for the most part. Why would I want to give this guy the time of day if he is in control of an entity that could be oppressing my product? As I was walking past him, I could tell from the corner of my eye, he was looking deep into my eyes. Almost as if he knew me. Weird right? Although we never spoke, it was an experience to say the least. I think he wore short short pink shorts to the club or something. I’ve never seen a human being walk into a club like that before.

This was the same guy posting Melencolia I (a 500 year old engraving that I somehow am the only man on the face of the earth to solve. 34 → 3&4 →oct 23/24 →our birthdays) and The 1988 Economist Cover (Phoenix). I was feeling weird energy the entire time (from the first minute of my introduction to bitcoin). So here, I had these weird connections with this man, I’ve never said a word to him and I still haven’t to this day.

Another discovery I made, you’ll notice the Phoenix wearing this on his head in the 1988 Economist Cover. We know it was the fleur-de-lis or Giglio but I seem to be the one of the only people on the planet who can tell you that it is really the crown of the scorpion with proof.
Economist 1988 (The Crown of The Scorpion)



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