SFOX’s Separately Managed Accounts Solution Enables Personalized Crypto Portfolio Management

SFOX’s Separately Managed Accounts Solution Enables Personalized Crypto Portfolio Management

Being a crypto fund manager is hard—the traditional tools that you expect for managing clients just aren’t there yet. SFOX is changing that: we’re making it easier for crypto fund managers, traders, and service providers to get an edge. In that spirit, we’re introducing the Separately Managed Account Solution, allowing fund managers to design and administer fully personalized crypto trading strategies for every one of their clients and manage them from a single login.

The Separately Managed Accounts Solution helps crypto professionals to scale their businesses by reducing operational costs: now, crypto managers and administrators can manage everything from clients’ trading strategies to comprehensive, tax-friendly transaction reports, all from a single login portal.

This new crypto tool will be transformative for fund managers, administrators, and traders alike. Here’s why:

Are you a fund manager? The Separately Managed Account Solution could transform your client relationships:

Are you a crypto investor? SFOX’s new tool could provide you with a new way to introduce professional management into your trading life without sacrificing control over your funds:

Are you a crypto service provider? Now, you may be able to scale more efficiently by cutting operational costs and needless complexity.

Read on to learn more about exactly how SFOX’s Separately Managed Accounts Solution will transform the crypto management experience of fund managers, investors, and service providers.

In today’s crypto landscape, fund management is too often needlessly complex, with managers bogged down by everything from fund transfer management, to reporting, to account management, to trading across many different accounts on many different exchanges. The Separately Managed Accounts Solution could lower the operational costs of wealth and investment managers, creating more time and tools for building crypto businesses.

The Separately Managed Accounts Solution provides managers with a single trading interface from which they can see and trade across all the accounts under their management:

Combined with SFOX’s other tools, managers now have a single-point solution for their entire fund management workflow. The FoxEye data suite allows them to see real-time trade data on all major crypto exchanges in a single feed, while SFOX’s integrated order book and trading algorithms allow them to trade across every crypto exchange from their single SFOX account. Finally, SFOX’s transaction reports provide easy-to-read, unified reporting for each account under their management — no more marrying reams of transaction records from multiple exchange accounts.

For established fund managers, Separately Managed Accounts Solution provides an opportunity to make them more efficient at what they’re already doing and grow their services accordingly.

Nabeel Qadri, Managing Partner at crypto fund-of-funds Protocol Ventures, has already seen the potential for Separately Managed Accounts Solution to transform the value proposition of crypto fund management: “SFOX’s SMA product,” he said, “is a game-changer for prime brokerage in crypto. We can deploy a suite of strategies at scale and size our risk efficiently while minimizing slippage and reducing the impact our orders have on the underlying price of the asset. Transfers in and out are seamless and the customer service team is extremely responsive. As a fund of funds, we need to be institutional-grade — SFOX gets that.”

Crypto Investors: Have Your Funds Work for You, Not Someone Else

For many crypto advocates, the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies lies in their promise of giving individuals new freedom and control over their own money. It’s ironic, then, that many crypto funds typically provide limited visibility through quarterly reports.

Separately Managed Accounts Solution changes this equation by providing investors access to detailed information on every single trade that agent makes on their behalf. When used in conjunction with SFOX’s industry-leading cross-exchange trading algorithms, this allows investors to work with their managers to develop totally bespoke, sophisticated investment strategies that live up to the crypto sector’s standards of transparency and verification.

This level of personalized service extends from trading strategy all the way to management terms and fees. SFOX leaves it entirely up to investors and managers to negotiate their own terms, which means that investors have the opportunity to set up economic arrangements outside of the industry-standard 2/20 management-performance fee that managers typically charge. Fund managers can curate individualized tax-based strategies for their clients, taking into consideration which tax bracket clients are in — something that’s increasingly difficult with alternative solutions such as mutual funds. If investors and managers wish to include it in their management agreement, the Separately Managed Accounts Solution also provides the infrastructure for investors to be able to withdraw their account funds at any time, making fund restrictions much more flexible and negotiable than many traditional management agreements.

Published at Thu, 16 Jan 2020 17:40:04 +0000


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