Kim Dotcom’s K.IM Following Copyright Decentralization in Bitfinex’s IEO

Kim Dotcom’s K.IM Following Copyright Decentralization in Bitfinex’s IEO

The disputable web contractor and creator of the now-defunct record storage platform Megaupload, Kim Dotcom, is preparing for a return in the crypto content industry.

Unlike a platform that enables the operators to download intellectual property rights TV series and music, Dotcom intends to utilize blockchain innovation to make a proper electronic content circulation marketing known as K.IM.

Taking this into account, Bitfinex Token Sales stated that the venture intends to assist clients and publishing companies’ operations whereas removing the middleman with the assistance of the Kimcoin, Bitfinex, and the digital currency trade in cooperation with Dotcom’s platform has presently declared the retail of the K.IM with the revival of its IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) platform.

Likewise, the presented venture is set up as a vigorous system that is “planned to develop the simplest and the safest means to produce income with crypto content,” in accordance with K.IM’s white paper.

Formerly, the K.IM venture has for the time being generated around $2 million from financial specialists and is intended to be completely functional by the third quarter of 2020, in conformity with the venture’s plan of action. In light of this, K.IM states that it is targeting to produce a content remittance boundary in a market valued around $400 million.

Several of the vital qualities of the platform comprise content charging and involve the utilization of a list encoding service. Moreover, operators will be allowed to give fees for content with a scope of digital currencies. At the same time, BTC (Bitcoin) alone and K.IM will be accessible at the beginning.

As mentioned by Henry Child, the director of token sale at Bitfinex, to Cointelegraph that K.IM has an excellent opportunity of being the primary digital venture that “crosses the chasm” as well as proceed to becoming popular and is utilized by individuals who are not crypto supporters.

As a result, K.IM will function as a utility coin that will enable operators to buy content, contribute and offer consideration on the platform. Furthermore, the venture’s plan of action also briefed that K.IM will be published in the last quarter of 2019, supposedly alongside the token sale on Bitfinex which launched this past October 22nd.

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Published at Sun, 10 Nov 2019 11:00:03 +0000


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