Hydax, a Digital Asset Exchange Platform for Blockchain-based Gamers

Hydax, a Digital Asset Exchange Platform for Blockchain-based Gamers

Online games have now become part of the activities of most of the milineal groups, which are currently intensively doing the milineal activities, in addition to filling leisure time, online games can also be used as a field to produce profitability at this time. However, online games now have a bad impact for some users, there are still many gamers who are willing to spend long hours just to play their games and ignore many other activities. Of course this will have a bad impact on his life.

In addition, to play the game, users will be charged certain fees. Where these costs will be incurred to buy game or other equipment. So that if a child plays games through his parents’ cellphones without supervision and accidentally purchases the games equipment, then the parents will automatically suffer losses of even tens of millions. Along with the development of technology, not only ordinary technology that can publish various game applications, which is also the same as Blockchain technology which has succeeded in giving birth to platforms that provide game services and currency exchange to buy game vouchers such as Hydax.

Hydax is a Blockchain technology platform that provides secure, reliable and innovative digital asset trading services. Where this exchange has the advantage of being able to process millions of transactions at the same time, which has a distributed node and a strict risk control model with separate cold and hot wallet storage. Where cold wallets are wallets that store user funds offline and hot wallets are wallets where users can keep a minimum of funds and are used by users when making transactions. In addition, users can also be connected directly to various gaming platforms, which through the Hydax platform users will also be given the convenience to buy and sell game assets with exchanges that use affordable costs for gamers.

In addition, the Hydax platform also provides multi-signature jumps, in which the wallet uses the Hydax hardware security module (HSMs) which is controlled by the management team of the Hydax platform. Where the HSMs can function to approve all transactions that will be done, making it impossible for hackers to hack on that platform. In addition, the Hydax platform also has a commitment to provide good trading products and systems. Where this can be done by reducing the trading costs for users, which Hydax will set these costs into several stages and will apply in accordance with the level of choice of users and the level is given a VIP name.

Not only that, users who want to enjoy the services provided by users must have HDX tokens. Where the token is a Hydax exchange utility token, which is a digital asset issued based on an encrypted and decentralized system using Ethereum token type and has a value of 1 HDX equal to 0.1 USDT at the initial bidding price with a total supply of tokens of 300 million.

For users who want to join the Hydax platform, users must pass several special stages. Where the first stage is the user is required to enter his account first through the user’s smartphone, in addition to that the user will also go through the Know Your Custumer (KYC) stage, where the system is a system carried out by the platform to view the user’s historical record in the past.

In addition, through the Hydax platform users will be given information about the complete exchange of assets, which information about currencies such as BTC, BTH, ETH and so on, then also contains information about current prices, changes starting from the highest price and the lowest for 24 hours. In addition the platform will also contain information about the volume and number of sales that occur in one day. Therefore, the use of Hydax as a media that provides digital asset exchange services, especially for gamers, will make it easier for users to exchange or purchase games with crypto currency to be easier.

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