Gigajoule, the Most Reliable Alternative to Gas Based Power Plants

Gigajoule, the Most Reliable Alternative to Gas Based Power Plants

The Federal Republic of Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and is the largest oil exporter in the continent. In addition, the country also has the seventh largest natural gas trader in the world. However, all the energy produced by nature is used more for export than for own use. Where at present, as we know is that the country still has various kinds of difficulties experienced by some people such as lack of basic needs namely food, shelter and health services. In addition, the electricity supply also cannot be felt by the surrounding population, this is due to the limited electric power provided, which with the increasing population growth, but not offset by the supply of electricity supply. As a result, many poor people do not get electricity. Though electricity is a daily necessity that is very beneficial for people’s lives.

With a variety of natural wealth obtained by Nigeria, of course it is very unfair if the country is experiencing an electricity crisis, and also not fulfilling the basic needs for a portion of its population experiencing poverty. Therefore, the Gigajoule company is present as a gas-based power generation company and will supply electricity supply in various locations in Nigeria. Where the presence of the platform is expected to be able to distribute electricity evenly and change the lives of the Nigerian population, which with electricity there will certainly be many things that can be done by the surrounding population to be able to generate profitability and improve the country’s economy.

Gigajoule is the latest power generation company that floats on water using large vessels and uses advanced technology to produce quality electricity and low production prices. Where the advanced technology used is a merger between Blockchain technology with the Internet of Things (loT) technology, which for each of the large vessels will be installed two SGT-A65 aeroderivative gas-powered turbines and for each floating power plant has a power generation capacity of 132MW.

Previously the Gigajoule team had spent years making preparations for the implementation of three floating power plants in Nigeria, where the selection of the Nigerian state as a top priority was driven by the abundance of natural gas produced by the country, in addition to the existing national transmission system in the country, and there is support and guarantees from the World Bank for government payments as electricity users. In addition, the 3 projects will be implemented in 3 different locations, such as Cross River State, Anambra State and Delta State. Not only that, Gigajoule will also plan more projects to be developed for Nigeria, and other countries such as Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other Central America.

On the other hand, Gigajoule will also get a lot of funds from investors to be able to implement the first three projects being built, which costs will be obtained from borrowing a number of funds, which are also guaranteed by the Partial Risk Guarantee (PRG). Where the loan funds come from the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), the World Bank and guarantees of production performance offered by Siements. Aside from these costs, Gigajoule companies will also get additional costs by conducting crowfunding through Initial Coin Offering (IEO), but Gigajoule will use the term Security Token Offeing (STO). Where STO is a digital token-based fundraising method that is almost the same as Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), where the difference is in STO regulations, legal compliance is difficult to be formed into contracts. So STO has a high level of security.

Gigajoule has also issued its own token with the symbol GIGJ, which is a token that must be issued in the sale of STO tokens. Where the token is a token that uses the Ethereum standard ERC and GIGJ tokens will be available for all Presale and STO purchases, which when making a STO token purchase the user must complete Know Your Costumer (KYC) to verify the user’s track record in the past so that the platform can guaranteeing users with high security, in addition, users must also make a simple agreement for future tokens (SAFT). Where after all processes are completed, automatically, STO tokens will be transferred to the digital wallet of the users.








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