[Dain] Blockchain-Based Artificial Intelligence Transformation

[Dain] Blockchain-Based Artificial Intelligence Transformation

Artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) is artificial intelligence that is input into a system so that it can be arranged in a scientific context or better known as AI. Where usually the programmers will input data containing commands into the computer, which computer will run the system in accordance with the commands that have been inputted. AI is usually often used by companies to operational machines or other interests in accordance with orders. One of the real proofs that AI is artificial intelligence, we can see together through the challenges carried out by DARPA, which DARPA is a race to get a prize of $ 2 million. Where at that time there is a car that can go without any pengemuni. But it only uses GPS, computers and some sophisticated sensor arrays. where by using some of these aids the car can run hundreds of miles and traverse the desert which is so challenging.

Now, thanks to increasingly sophisticated technology, of course has succeeded in giving birth to other intelligent technologies such as Dain. Where Dain is a Blockchain based platform that has succeeded in providing artificial intelligence services such as AI, but if AI can only process according to the data input by the programmer and has a limited system. This is different from Dain, where Dain can process commands more universally, without the limitations of distance, time and capacity of the computer. so that it will make a company that uses these services can freely use the technology so that it will get maximum profitability.

Not only does it offer unlimited services, Dain will also provide users with a variety of benefits. Where the profit is one step to produce maximum profitability for companies and individuals. By using Dain services, you will automatically reduce expenses for various needs such as Iaas, besides that, you will also get fast access to find out various kinds of phenomena that are happening in the market through data and various knowledge. Where this will certainly make the company able to take strategic steps that are appropriate and accurate

On the other hand, you can also do various kinds of transactions at no cost by using Dain services. By using the Dain service, each company is also possible to use computers or devices that have very low specifications and Dain will turn this into a network. Where Dain will utilize 5G connectivity and heterogeneity of devices to be able to connect to the internet network.

Each platform will surely provide easy access for its users, which is also done by the Dain platform, which will make it easy for users who are unfamiliar with technology, by applying the concept of a zero code solution. So no specific knowledge is needed to be able to access Dain services. Of course, every media or machine must have a maximum capacity, if the capacity is fulfilled then the media or machine will have slow access and even cause damage. But by using the Dain service, you don’t need to worry about available capacity, because the platform has a myriad of devices that are ready to be used for artificial intelligence. In addition, it will also provide computer resources for quick, easy, economical, elastic access and of course according to the needs of the users.

Well, if you are hesitant to use conventional AI due to a lack of high security system, then you will get multiple layers of security by joining Dain. This is because Dain is a Blockchain based platform that has been equipped with a decentralized basic system and encryption. So that all important data is entirely privacy and will avoid data leakage due to the actions of hackers.

Technology will develop rapidly in the future, this will also be followed by Dain and can be seen through the Road Map available on Dain’s official website at www.Dain.ai, where he will plan various features to be released in the future so that it automatically will make users get complete and up-to-date services in accordance with the wishes of the user.

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