Coin Whisperer’s Coin of the Week: Horizen (ZEN) – Coin Whisperer

Coin Whisperer’s Coin of the Week: Horizen (ZEN) – Coin Whisperer

Long term sentiment: Bullish
Long term price target: 0.001 BTC — 0.00165 BTC
Short term trade potential:

Buy around: 0.00053800 BTC
Target 1: 0.00057000 BTC (5,95%)
Target 2: 0.00061500 BTC (14,31%)
Target 3: 0.00067900 BTC (26,21%)
Target 4: 0.00074000 BTC (37,55%)
Target 5: 0.00081650 BTC (51,77%)

Stop-loss: 0.00048500 BTC (-9,85%)

Horizen Platform

Horizen’s new type of blockchain-based platform — a revolutionary system of blockchains with decoupled consensus linked through common Cross Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP) — is indefinitely scalable, fully configurable to meet heterogeneous needs, and inclusive of embedded incentives for endogenous growth.

Our sidechain SDK will offer application developers a suite of tools to deploy blockchains that leverage a large compensated node network and a suite of textitzero knowledge privacy tools.

This technology presents a novel approach to compartmentalized architecture that both significantly extends design options and limits adverse spillover from those designs to other parts of the system. In this way, the Horizen ecosystem can grow to include a full complement of services provided by any number of design paths.

The system is governed by a diverse group of stakeholders in a decentralized, transparent, and collaborative process that balances interests, gives everyone a voice, and democratically allocates resources.

The Horizen team is committed to building a better, more inclusive future for society by providing tools that empower our users. This type of distributed, user-owned network offers a new way of bringing people together, creating and sharing value, and giving voice to everyone by participating in a common ecosystem built on a shared public infrastructure.

Horizen Whitepaper 2.0

Horizen has evolved significantly from its birth as ZenCash in May, 2017. This evolution is accelerating as their technological frontier expands and the environment in which they find themselves changes. Therefore, along with the release of this milestone of their sidechain solution, they are also excited to re-introduce Horizen with a new whitepaper — A Blockchain Platform for Fully Customizable Decentralized Applications.

They are building a massively scalable general-purpose blockchain system with a novel Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP) that enables an unbounded and fully decentralized sidechain ecosystem.

The whitepaper provides more detail on each component of the ecosystem.


Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund’s holdings per share as of Oct. 11. DLC is an open-ended fund which “provides exposure to the top liquid digital assets through a market cap-weighted portfolio,” the firm described. As of Sept. 30, its components were a basket of five cryptocurrencies: 80.3% BTC, 9.9% ETH, 5.8% XRP, 2.2% BCH, and 1.8% LTC. The fund aims to cover 70% of the crypto market, and its components are reviewed on a quarterly basis. It currently has $15.7 million in assets under management and 3,194,900 outstanding shares. The fund has been offered as a private placement to accredited investors since February last year. “Shares created through DLC’s private placement become eligible to sell into the public market after a statutory one-year holding period under Rule 144 of the Securities Act,” the firm clarified. Single-Asset Funds Besides the aforementioned diversified product, Grayscale offers various single-asset investment funds that provide exposure to BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, ZEN, LTC, XLM, XRP, and ZEC.

It is waiting on approval from Coinbase custody for Grayscale (could be coming anytime).

Coin of the Week Giveaway

This week the spotlights are pointing at Horizon (ZEN), because of the bullish news and the project we fell in love with. That is why we are giving away 50 dollars to get more attention to this project.

Join our competition and get a chance on winning 10 ZEN!

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