Bitcoin Struggling To Generate Strong Support And Risks Dropping Below $9000

Bitcoin Struggling To Generate Strong Support And Risks Dropping Below $9000

Global exchange: Bitcoin faces challenges to resuscitate its stagnated run, and risks dropping below the support level of $9,000. Bitcoin struggling to generate strong support and risks dropping below $9000.

As per the information provided by Bitstamp, the leading cryptocurrency recovered from its October 25th price of $7,500 and soared to $10,350 on October 26. Nevertheless, the five-figure rally was short-lived as on October 28th the price sharply fell below $10,000, and since then has largely remained stuck in the range of $9,600 — $9,000.

The vulnerability has so far been confined to the 200-day average — a yardstick of long-term price movements. A price drop would usually negate key support levels such as the 200-day moving average, particularly if there are limited volumes, which was the scene lately.

Nevertheless, in view of favorable volatility, the cryptocurrency has not yet delivered a formidable recovery from the assistance.

BTC witnessed more than $400 price increase to reach $9,586 from the Moving Average on November 4 only to forfeit the price gain the very next day. However, BTC experienced a small lift over the last 24 hours, with the price increasing to $9,450 only to end the day at $9,200.

Such weak volatility presents a bullish feeling which was triggered by a steep increase to $10,350 but has softened, and the market increasing analysis of dipping demand by re-evaluating prices under $9,000.

BTC’s rise has been hindered by the moving average between 26 June and 6 August, which has been reduced many times over the last few days. By then, the cryptocurrency had measured a 200-day Moving Average aid five times in eight days.

Trading volumes have dropped precipitously since the latest $10,350 drop. Small-volume downtrends are very often inverted, but a reasonable recovery remains uncertain.

Overall, the cryptocurrency appears lined for a slide to $8,800 in former resistance-turned-support- Globalexchange

The top cloud of the monthly candle reflects an aversion of $9,265 above the 5-month Moving Average. The inability to sustain over the falling levels typically results in a significant price fall. Significant help can be seen at an upward 10-month Moving Average of approximately $8,000.

In case the drop in price is verified, the current upward trend in the 100-and 200-candle moving averages at $8,928 and $8,558 can provide BTC considerable support.

If the triangle concludes with a steep-volume constructive break, the bearish perspective would be nullified.

Published at Mon, 11 Nov 2019 03:13:46 +0000


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