Bitcoin Mining: Competition for Bitmain – Axtschmiede

Bitcoin Mining: Competition for Bitmain – Axtschmiede

Bitcoin Mining: Competition for Bitmain

Those who do not want to invest directly in Bitcoin & Co. will find a few more investment opportunities in the field of digital coins. One of them is, for example, the sector of mining of the requested coins. The mining sector has long since ceased to be a niche area, but a hard-fought sector. Now the company Zigmabit seems to want to embrace this area.

The mining company Zigmabit has firmly established itself on the mining market in recent months. Most recently, Zigmabit launched three multi-algorithm mining rigs. Within just one month, this mining rig became a celebrated success. But the expansion is not just in the technical field. Zigmabit also spreads locally. There is now a customer service in Munich.

Zigmabit is pushing into the bitcoin mining market

Zigmabit has set itself the task of making the “digging” of digital coins easier and more profitable for all interested parties. In a press release dated 7 November states:

Zigmabit has a team of experts that has been active in the crypto industry since its inception. The company’s three new crypto miners, ZigBit 2.0, ZigBit 3.0 and ZigBit 5.0, are designed with the goal of providing products that ensure greater profitability for users. The company has achieved this goal by maximizing the hash rate to a level never seen before in this industry.

With the rigs you can mine the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin , Litecoin , Dash and Ethereum .

HIVE is also involved in the mining optimization

Hive’s efficiency and performance improvements at the Swedish plant are underway. The company converted the GPU chips of the mining facilities in Sweden to the blockbase group DWC-LLC. Frank Holmes, Interim Executive Chairman and Interim CEO of HIVE, confirmed the successful transition in a press release on 7 November.

Zigmabit, Bitcoin Mining: Competition for Bitmain

Could this mean competition for the Chinese mining giant Bitmain ? It was not until October that the company announced it would build a large mining facility in the US, more specifically in Texas. The project has the capacity, according to Bitmain, to become one of the largest crypto-extraction facilities in the world. After Bitmain refused to share in the company with its chip designer Yang Zuo Xing in 2016, he left the company and became self-employed in the mining field. So the competition also comes from its own ranks. With the new projects from Zigmabit and HIVE, the headwind against the controversial market giant Bitmain is growing. Does this mean that the centralization of crypto-mining can still be averted?

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