when in doubt zoom out_ 1 week look

when in doubt zoom out_ 1 week look

this is my go to zks chart rite now and I track my buys and sells on that other zksusdt chart

just sold zks position and will buy back in if runs but looks like a scalp opp from .70 n below but watch btc for short term alt trends

cro hits 1usd and falls off. she should re bound unless whole alt market crashed b4 then but again 1usd is about as far as I go on CRO in the shorter term . …. 1usd is a big psychological number and market caps are tuff to double when they hit the top ten-20 market cap range (if cro market cap doubled she would be rite with polkadot DOT n XRP. I dont like taking stronger or esp a new position after something runs that hard. If you want another alt cro project check out CHSB ie Swiss Borg. voyager is good but she just ran as well.

Published at Thu, 25 Nov 2021 14:33:56 -0500

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