Time to Exchange | Market Recovery – TokenPocket

Time to Exchange | Market Recovery – TokenPocket

Major Milestone in EOS
On the 17th of March, 2020, there was a lot of excitement in the EOS community. Yves La Rose, CEO of EOS Nation tweeted that the EOS blockchain has reached a major milestone as it can now process more than 100million unique operations every 24 hours. This is due to an increase in the performance of the network which is a result of block producers enabling support for EOS-VM on their BP nodes.


BOSCore: Blockchain Financial Center
BOSCore — the first IBC equipped DPOS blockchain financial center, published a post highlighting their plans for the year 2020. They have already realized a lot of technical advances but they are not done yet. The 5 special features/advantages of BOSCore include BOS IBC, 3 Seconds LIB, Oracle, Multi-engine and Parallel computing.

EOS WPS criticized by Brendan Blumer
Last week EOS Nation announced their plan for a new Worker Proposal System. On the 15th of March 2020, Brendan Blumer the CEO of Block.one expressed his concerns about the effect the Worker Proposal may have on EOS. He stated that “without a clear or measurable return of value”, the WPS may open the door to corruption.

Dfuse opens up
Dfuse announced the open-sourcing of its blockchain data stack, This release will enable dfuse to contribute its real-time, historical and fork-aware search engine (dfuse Search), transaction push guarantees & lifecycle (dfuse Lifecycle), historical state services (dfuse State), and many more foundational building blocks to the blockchain ecosystem.

EOS versus Eth Defi
The volatility of the markets last week served as a litmus test for the Ethereum and EOS Network. Defi platforms MakerDAO and Equilibrium were confronted with a lot of volatility that made the made of lot of people in the long position to get liquidated. While EOS based Equilibrium survived the test, Maker DOA was left with a few scars and lessons. Alex Melikhov, co-founder of equilibrium wrote a post on Cointelegraph comparing the EOS and Eth price feeds and how both Defi platforms made it through the market turbulence that happened in March.

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