The Robo Advisors In the world for 2020 – EngineeringRobo

The Robo Advisors In the world for 2020 – EngineeringRobo

According to a new market research report “ Algorithmic Trading Market by Trading Type ( FOREX, Stock Markets, ETF, Bonds, and Cryptocurrencies ) “ the global Algorithmic Trading Market size is expected to grow from USD 15.1 billion in 2019 to USD 28.8 billion by 2024.

The US was the first country to introduce the automated financial advisors, and represent the leading robo-advisory industry in the world. Some of the largest players on the market across the globe are Betterment, Wealthfront, Personal Capital, Nutmeg, FutureAdvisor, and The Vanguard Group.

The entire US robo-advisory industry is expected to hit a $2 trillion value this year, with hybrid robo-advisors as the largest and the fastest-growing segment.Hybrid robo-advisors offer an automated investment platform with access to expert human advice from financial advisors. This new trend grew out of customer’s demand for a more tailored solution for the complex investments.

With $700 billion less than the US market, China ranked as the second-largest robo-advisory industry in the world. The UK is forecast to hit $24 billion market value this year, while Germany ranked in fourth place with $13 bn worth assets in the robo-advisors segment. Canada is the fifth-largest robo-advisory market in the world expected to reach $8 bn value this year.

Example, you are a 30-year-old investor. You have $50,000 in mutual funds that charge 2 per cent a year (the average management expense ratio in America).

The fund manager makes a seven per cent return on the market and it costs two per cent to gain that return. This means investors will end up with five per cent. If you calculate gains with a seven per cent return and a five per cent return over 50 years — the investment lifetime — This individual can end up with about $1.8 million using EngineeringRobo or $1.07 million in a traditional mutual fund portfolio.

That $700,000-plus gain could be the difference between reaching your retirement goals and falling short of your expectations.

To see just how important fees can be, consider an investor with only $50,000.

EngineeringRobo members would pay a low fixed fee, A typical mutual fund charges 2.0%. What would you do with the extra money?

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