The Efficiency of Bitparax in Handling Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The Efficiency of Bitparax in Handling Cryptocurrency Exchanges

A digital currency that we now know as cryptocurrency becomes a currency with a very large acquisition potential in the future. This currency began to be known since the rise of Bitcoin to the international market a few years ago. With this phenomenon, it gives a very big impact for the use of this currency in various parts of the world. Crryoptocurrency is used because this currency has a number of advantages over the use of fiat currencies in general, such as having price fluctuations that change at any time which allows the value to be at a nominal high enough and not bound by government authority or any banking services.

By paying attention to the conditions in which the use of cryptocurrency becomes something that has begun to be used by most of the world’s population, technology experts create a platform that can be used for all activities of using this type of currency. This platform is called Bitparax.

Bitparax is a crypto currency exchange platform that uses a new technology called Blockchain. This technology is a technology that has been widely used by technologists in creating a variety of their flagship products in various global industrial sectors. This technology is a technology that is different from other technologies in general. The difference from these tenologies lies in the operational systems they carry. Blockchain technology uses a number of reliable features in their operational systematics. These systems are called decentralized systems and encryption systems. The decentralized system allows its users to gain full access control over their data assets without interference from any party. While the encryption system is a protection system that can protect all assets and user data stored on a platform optimally and multiple so as to provide a guarantee for the safety of the stored data.

In this platform, Bitparax has prepared a number of regulations regarding information from a number of cryptocurrencies such as the last price of a type of crypto currency, changes in value that occur in that currency, the highest or lowest value held by that currency and the volume of a crypto currency within 24 hours. A number of provisions that have been compiled for a crypto currency on this platform can provide important information needed by a user to exchange a cryptocurrency.

Bitparax is a platform that has supported the exchange of more than 15 cryptocurrency. BTC, BTCV, BTG, CRM, DOGE, DASH are a number of the most popular cryptocurrency currently that can be exchanged on this platform. In operation, this platform has offered a number of their best services to anyone who has joined the platform. A user of this platform will be charged a fee of 1% for each transaction they have done on this platform. A user also has the opportunity to get a number of Parax tokens from the results of the crypto currency trading that they have done on this platform. The PARAX token is an Ethereum-based token issued by the Bitparax Exchange with the aim of facilitating the exchange of cryptocurrency on the Bitparax platform and has a total supply that reaches a nominal 16,671,239 units.

Not only that, Bitparax clients will also be given other attractive offers in the form of charging a commission fee of 3%. Payment of this partnership fee can be redeemed with the PARAX token stored in the account of the users of this platform. This low percentage payment feature clearly benefits every Bitparax user.

As a new platform, Bitparax comes with bringing their best services for crypto currency exchange. In addition, Bitparax upholds the confidentiality of data and privacy of each user. Bitparax also targets to become a platform with success in the future as well as a solution in handling various forms of crypto currency exchange. Prospective users who want to access this platform can visit their official page at

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