The Abyss & Waves Giving Away up to $12000 in Chain Warriors Marathon

The Abyss & Waves Giving Away up to $12000 in Chain Warriors Marathon

The Abyss game platform together with Waves, a decentralised platform for Web 3.0 applications, are jointly launching the in-game marathon in the recently released browser MMORPG Chain Warriors giving away up to $12000 paid out in Waves tokens.

Chain Warriors, which is exclusively available on The Abyss, combines a classic RPG mechanics, PvP/ PvE battles and enjoyable graphics. Players can also collect various in-game items and trade them for Waves tokens on Item Market, a digital marketplace developed by Waves.

The marathon comes as a result of cooperation between The Abyss and Waves. The event starts today, on Nov 7, ending on Dec 7, 2019. During this period, participants can play the game and win Waves tokens in multiple nominations, including:

  1. The main nomination is the collection of in-game tokens (50% of the total prize fund). Users are offered to complete various in-game tasks to receive in-game tokens. Top 100-players from the ranking will get rewards in Waves tokens in certain proportions;
  2. Daily nomination combines item upgrade and tokenization (25% of the total prize fund). A random set of in-game items is provided on a daily basis. The winner in daily nomination is a player who tokenizes a top-level item from the given set, or the one who makes that first ahead of others (in case there are several such items);
  3. Referral nomination (25% of the total prize fund). Top-50 players bringing the largest number of loyal referrals (users reaching level 30) form another ranking list and get rewarded in certain proportions;
  4. Social media contest. The additional 300 Waves tokens will be distributed among 3 players (100, 100 and 100 Waves tokens, respectively) completing the objectives of social media challenge.

The overall prize fund depends on the number of active players and can go as far as $12000. Find more about the rules on Chain Warriors official game page on The Abyss platform and on the dedicated promo page. Further marathon updates can be found in Chain Warriors and The Abyss official news channels. The results and winners will be announced on December 12, 2019.

Published at Thu, 07 Nov 2019 15:27:50 +0000


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