Round 4 Update –

Round 4 Update –

Hello Miners, First of all Thank you for trusting Gominer.
there will be a Major upcoming Updates Starting in Round 4
Most of this new updates goals are to Avoid any Token Holders Abusing the Convert of GT -> BTC
The Decision is Final and it is for the greater cause of the Project.
and to help us Sustain and make The Project Solid as rock in a long term and to have more Happy Clients like you.
Please read all the important Upcoming Updates.

Instead of 125,000,000 GT to 250,000,000 GT
Starting Round 4 The Token Allocation will be Increase up to Round 7

Technical Reason: Since Round 1 when someone is Converting to GT->BTC, The Tokens are Sell back to Gominer, The Token Reserve We have are keep Growing Everyday, we will re allocated them to the Token Sale Allocation.

Token Price: We decide to retain the value of GT tokens, Since We have a Convert GT to BTC Function, Whale holders may Abuse our Token Sale Progress and it could affect other Token Holders in the Future.

Token Holders: Token Holders can still profit when Holding Tokens when we Release the GT/BTC Exchange.
Exchange Initial GT Price is around $0.01 to $0.1 per GT
Please read the Road map to see when the Release of the GT/BTC Exchange System.
( Exchange system is like Binance, Bitrexx, Coinbase Exchange. but a Dedicated to Gotokens to BTC only.
Simple Exchange Faq:
in 2020 Quarter 1 When we release the Exchange,
New Users Can Buy GT using Bitcoin via Exchange.
Old users can sell/convert GT to BTC via Exchange.
GT->BTC Convert Function will be replaced by GT Exchange in Year 2020 Quarter 1.

Miners Pool is a Group of Miners at gominer, combining all hashrate as one for larger rewards
All users can join the Miners pool and earn more rewards as the Miner Pool Hashrate grows.
Legendary Ranked Can open a Miner Pool for Free.
Creating a Level 1 Miners Pool Requirement is 1,000,000 GH.
Miner Pool limit is 5 PH ( Maximum of 5,000,000 GH ) a cost of $995.00 one time fee.
Miner Pool can be Upgrade when someone donate a GT to the Miner Pool.

Advantages of Miners Pool:
10% More Hashrate Efficiency to all miners in pool.
30% Exclusive Discount when Adding Days to Contract.
+5% Overclock Hashrate Effectiveness

All Kyc Submission will be automatically Approve or decline within just a minute.
it will be available around in round 4 timeline.

Miner can now Renew all their Expired contract in one click
available around in round 4 timeline.

Do you have any suggestion ? Please email us at [email protected]

Are you going to remove the Convert GT to BTC?: No, we will replaced the Convert Function with the GT Exchange around Year 2020,
Not today or tomorrow and not in Round 4,5,6,7, Convert Function will be Available until we release the GT Exchange in Year 2020 Quarter 1.

When do you plan to release the Miner Pool? We will release it on 2nd day of Round 4

When the KYC Auto check will be release? 1st Week of Round 4

When the Token Value will be increase? The Token Value will be Posted on Exchange as initial price around $0.01 to $0.1, After that the value will be Volatile and it is depends on the user trades volume. (GT Exchange will be release after THE IEO, Around 1st Quarter of year 2020)

Published at Mon, 04 Nov 2019 00:18:06 +0000


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