Roobee Will Change Investment World – Göksel Sahn

Roobee Will Change Investment World – Göksel Sahn

As I said, those who want to create a better and more structural alternative to others should learn lessons from mistakes in the old system and offer a disruptive alternative to the old one. It is time to remove the reign of roboadvisors. I think advisors who claim to be supported by this kind of artificial intelligence fund their own investments with fraudulently cos of investor money. A complete win-win situation.

So what exactly is this Roobee? I’ll try to explain it to you. Roobee strives to create an investment ecosystem that can be accessed on various platforms through the blockchain infrastructure.

What I like most about Roobee’s promises is that it brings transparency into the forefront. I think it wants to provide a strong basis using HyperLedger and Ethereum blockchain to build Roobee chain. Thus, they will ensure both security and transparency of the data that users will reach. Thanks to Roobee Network, you will be able to transparently watch blockchain records. I understand that Roobee wants to maximize access security and expand security. I think that’s why RoobeeID contains all of the keys and digital ID data. In addition, Roobee will provide strong wallet support for multiple cryptocurrencies to store and trade. Roobee has a team committed to increasing access to the highest number of channels as well as security. Another feature I like is that Roobee will provide a scoring service that will make it easier for users to access high quality investment products. In addition, using machine learning support, investors will be able to create their own investment plans and portfolio. I love very comprehensive planned projects. The important thing is to build a stable and dynamic infrastructure for those who want to trade. User-friendly and simple to use platforms have a higher chance of survival. Roobee users will be able to access the blockchain records of the platform from a virtual screen, as I said before. It is important that this data is shared among Roobee users.

Those who register with Roobee can start using the platform directly and contact Roobee via chatbot when they have a problem. To use the platform effectively, it is necessary to make KYC. Ultimately it is important to generate Roobee ID once. The users have fallen to business here. They should create an investment portrait that defines themselves well so that they can use RoobeeScore efficiently. As a result, we can see a team that tries to use AI and Machine Learning effectively. Users will be able to use their Roobee tokens to get ahead on the platform that will offer many investment opportunities. I think the Roobee team is also planning to use a successful financial model in itself. Thanks to the platform’s smart helpers, users will be able to distribute their funds among the scored investment products if they wish. And these transactions can be recorded on the blockchain as real track records. I told you they care about transparency. And these records can be stored safely in RoobeeWallet. It is important that we will be able to access all of this multi-layered and complex infrastructure from a simple and convenient mobile application.

Roobee has the potential to consolidate its position in the market by offering realistic solutions for real problems. It is possible to say that the development potential is high in the coming period. The most important reason for this is that they pursue sensible mains rather than dazzle investors. It should also be noted that Roobee has obtained licenses from the European Union for exchange and storage cryptocurrencies. This is a vital feature due to the fact that there are so many fake and cheat projects.

Roobee has set the priority goal of making public the investment instruments of the big financial seas that aren’t accessible to small investors. Thanks to Roobee and its artificial intelligence system, investors will have the chance to create portfolio in the most efficient way. A great application such as creating strategy for automated investment will also be available for users. All the financial transactions and investment details that you can think of will be recorded on the blockchain. In this way, it will be an ecosystem that can meet the most wanted transparency demand in the investment sector. Considering that creating the most suitable portfolio is very difficult for those who don’t have detailed information about the matter, the importance of a user-friendly interface will be better understood. I hold it good Roobee’s decision not to charge directly for trading. Ultimately, all platforms will have to do this in time. The platform’s Roobee tokens will provide users with benefits such as experience to more appropriate commissions and fees within the platform, access to advanced investment modes and special investment products, and of course access to various rewards programs. In addition, those who hold their Roobee tokens won’t pay some service fees, but may also receive high discounts on certain fees.

As you can see, there is a project that has the courage to take important steps that will make a big impact in the investment world. Instead of selling dreams, it’s important for me to feet on solid ground like Roobee.

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Published at Tue, 29 Oct 2019 11:40:35 +0000


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