I will see it in the short term.

You should settle at 0.00000415 and check if you can climb.
We believe that trading above 0.00000534 is a trading zone with higher turnover of funds in the short-term investment area.
Arriving at this point will require trading for profit.

Suddenly, the long-term upward trend line was touched.
Check if you can cross this trendline .
Unlike RVNBTC , the current position is located in the section where short-term trading is possible.
You should think about how to trade by increasing your turnover.
The price may fall to break above the upward trend line , with the potential to touch 100MA.


Everyone wants to make a lot of profits.
However, not everyone can make a lot of money.
I set a goal for the coin I want to invest in advance, and I think that only those who can make a profit when approaching that goal can make a lot of money.

I hope you have a good result.

Published at Sun, 08 Dec 2019 08:54:27 +0000

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