Project by Bitcoin Developer? HYPE?

Project by Bitcoin Developer? HYPE?

Iris, a decentralized social media platform developed by one of the early Bitcoin developers or Sirius as most know him.
Fundamentally, it makes sense, the decentralized world is looking for social platforms that it can trust, the question is;
Is this the one?

Been trading within a S/R & Fib Channel for a little more than a year
Would get interesting once it breaks out of this channel
Has not dumped against BTC even with BTC dominance upon checking chart correlation
Strong test to breakout of the channel if that fails, then a retrace is expected, however, that means the resistance is getting weaker

-Megalodon Whales (Rahim)

Enjoyed charting this for you all PLEASE LIKE/SHARe and COMMENT on the idea 🙂


Published at Tue, 14 Jul 2020 16:32:51 +0000

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