Optimal Utility of a Bitparax Platform – halimah dahlan

Optimal Utility of a Bitparax Platform – halimah dahlan

Business is the most important thing to do in one’s life in this life, and is an alternative that must be done by someone to increase their financial coffers. This activity is a priority that is practiced by every human throughout their civilization. In the past, people sold garden products and fish they had captured as a form of business, farmers sold their rice crops for a profit. Until now there have been many ways done by someone in carrying out various forms of business. This is all done solely to sustain their lives and generate a number of good profits in meeting all their needs. Of the many businesses done by someone, there is a core of similarity in each of these activities, namely money. Money is an exchange method used by someone to be able to buy goods or rent services from other people. In the past, money used by someone in the form of an item such as rice would later be exchanged to get other items that he needed. When humans have entered modern civilization, the use of money in the form of goods began to be displaced by the release of a paper that has its own value and has been established as a legal medium of exchange. Along with the development of an increasingly modern era, the use of money is slowly starting to get a generation marked by the birth of a new type of digital currency

Since the popularity of Bitcoin in 2009 which has successfully announced its name to the international realm, making cryptocurrency become a glance from the people in various parts of the world thus making this tool a lively tool for use. Crypto currency is a type of digital currency that has been agreed together as a legitimate medium of exchange for use, like a currency in general. Because of the rampant use of this money, made technology experts inspired to create various platforms that offer services to this currency. One of the best platforms that can be used against cryptocurrency is Bitparax.

Bitparax is a crypto currency exchange platform that uses Blockchain technology. This technology is a recent breakthrough from idealist technologists that is functioned for the ease of various life activities of the human population. Blockchain technology is also an advanced technology that uses two superior systems called the decentralized system and the encryption system. These systems allow a user to get full access to all data assets owned. In addition, this system also provides multiple and multiple layers of protection for any personal information possessed by that person.

Bitparax platform is a financial platform that has supported the use of large amounts of Ripto currency. There are more than 15 cryptocurrency that can be exchanged on this platform such as BTC, BTCV, BTG, CRM, DOGE, DASH and so on. On this platform, users can exchange any type of crypto they have for whatever crytocurrrency they need. Each user will be charged a fee of 1% of the nominal transaction they have done. This percentage is a form of transaction with a low number and other forms of providing benefits from this platform for its clients. In addition to convenience in transaction costs, Bitpatrax users will also be given prizes in the form of PARAX tokens that will be obtained from trading results or currency transactions that they make through this platform. PARAX token is an Ethereum based token issued by Bitparax Exchange. The provision of this token aims to make it easy for cryptocurrency exchanges on the Bitparax platform. From the initial launch, Bitparax has supplied 16,671,239 PARAX tokens and according to the policies that have been applied in this platform, PARAX Tokens will not get support for ICO facilities.

As a wise platform, Bitparax has also provided other prizes for their trusted clients. This platform gives its users another advantage in the form of payment of commission fees for all financial activities that have been carried out by a client in this platform is imposed by 3%. Payment of this partnership fee can be redeemed with PARAX tokens stored in the accounts of Bitparax users.

Bitparax is a financial platform that was created by upholding the principles of transparency and security that have been equipped with advantages both in terms of systematic and facilities that it offers, making this platform the most appropriate financial platform to use. To be able to access this platform, users can visit their official page at www.bitparax.com.

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