Meet the Team: Savannah Van – Tantra Labs

Meet the Team: Savannah Van – Tantra Labs

Tantra Labs wouldn’t be the well-oiled machine it is without Savannah Van.

Task management software is great and all… but it’s no substitute for a hard-working organizer with an always sunny disposition. Savannah keeps all of us motivated and on track. Speaking of tracks… Savannah is also the editor for our recently launched podcast, Tantra Talks! We’ll get to her musical background later, but Savannah is truly a rockstar in every sense of the word.

Anyone can be a hard worker though. What really sets Savannah apart is the great pride she takes in helping others with their work, always striving to take some of the weight off of the rest of the team’s shoulders.

She writes:

“I love connecting with people, and if I can make their day a little bit easier, then that makes me very happy. I love that everyone here has a positive attitude and believes in everything they are doing so much! Working in an environment with people this cool, is truly a privilege.”

The privilege is ours, Savannah!

Fun Fact: Savannah loves Mondays, but only after she’s had her coffee.

Like many of the folks at Tantra Labs, Savannah is far more than meets the eye. As a child she was always very creative, writing her own songs from an early age, and this only continued when she began homeschooling in 8th grade. Homeschooling allowed Savannah to pursue her artistic endeavors in earnest, but all the while, she maintained her friendships and even managed to go to all of the football games and high school dances.

Some children aren’t so lucky, but Savannah grew up with parents who were incredibly supportive of her dreams and goals.

At an early age, Savannah knew she was a musician. From the age of 12 to 15, Savannah sang in a pop girl group, and then in a rock band for 7 years after that. Being in a band for so long taught her a lot about teamwork, as well as how to successfully navigate a male-dominated industry.

A proud moment: Savannah playing the House of Blues on Sunset before it shut down

In tandem with her work at Tantra Labs, Savannah is continuing to rock it with her music career, currently working on her latest album, with plans to release singles (and hopefully the whole album!) later this year.

But how does Bitcoin fit into this musical story? How did Savannah even end up working for (in this author’s biased opinion), one of the most exciting companies in the Bitcoin / Crypto space?

In Savannah’s words:

“I have a crazy fiancé who won’t stop talking about it!”

Savannah’s “crazy fiancé” just so happens to be Tantra’s very own CTO, Russell LaCour. I wouldn’t call him crazy per se, but he is incredibly passionate about Bitcoin and sound money. And if that makes you crazy, then I guess you’re currently reading an article by someone even crazier…

In any case, Savannah joined the team so she could be of help to Russell and the rest of us, and we are very glad she did.

Don’t worry Savannah, we’ll make a Bitcoin (BTC)er out of you yet!

Published at Tue, 14 Jan 2020 19:31:04 +0000


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