LTC It looks very bullish

LTC It looks very bullish

In general like other altcoins, Litecoin looks good. On the chart you can see my favorite pattern.

It begins with a big growth which is marked by a green arrow, a downtrend, which I marked with a red line and after a breakdown of a downtrend and further growth.

MA 14 crosses MA 28, which hints about future growth, but so far without fixing.
The CCI , which has crossed the level 100 from top to bottom, does not yet show a rollback signal.

What can be expected ?:
Well then, I see the two main movements and all of them are mostly bullish .

Since buyers met local resistance at 60, there will be a reduction in price to 54, where there will be a set of positions for further growth to 78. After that there will be a little correction.

If the price nevertheless breaks through now 60, then there will be an increase to about 78 and a pullback to 71, since there will not be sufficient volumes. But going up for the next few days is unlikely, since resistance does not allow the price to go up. There is also a flat.

After going to 78, most likely there will be a break and consolidation above the level, possibly with growth to 91. From there, there will also be a rollback, a set of positions, perhaps a little correction and testing once again with a breakdown of the level 91 and growth to 101.

Published at Sat, 02 Nov 2019 23:13:54 +0000

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