Litecoin numerical patterns

Litecoin numerical patterns

Watch these levels for Litecoin. Why do they work so well?
Measure 15 levels. The reason for this is 360(degrees) is divisible by 24 evenly.
Forget the charts. the numbers can be evaluated.

Litecoin was Introduced at $6.00, then *15*4 =360 ATH 60x
360/15*4 =96 falling wedge
96/4 =24 ATL
24*6 = 144 high before halving 6x
144*10/15 = $96 Recent support level (Consider both sides price action)
96*.6 or = 57.6 – current price .6x
‘What comes next?
57.6*100/15 = 384
4X previous support would put us at $384

Our “bottoms” have been 6, 24, 96. Next ‘bottom’ would be 384
6x previous support level is 576.
IF we reach a new ATH in price and LTC/BTC ratio increases back to .019, this would put BTC around 32k. Not unreasonable as many are already calling for 30-33k.

These numbers are tricky and I am not exactly sure how they work but there is something there. Work on this yourself and it should reveal future prices.

These are generalties as I have only grabbed the tops and bottoms but on the grander scale, this works out incredible well.

Look with your third eye and everything comes to life.


Published at Sun, 03 Nov 2019 21:59:33 +0000

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