July 1th BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis

July 1th BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis


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I will begin BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis for July 1th .

This is a 30 minute chart created yesterday.

Red resistance wire,
Green support line,
in the triangle convergence section sideway move finished.

Last is , deviated from the support line and finished the sideway move.

As July begins in addition today,

Addtional , month/week/day candle was created.

Week candle chart.

The generation position of the month candle chart is not bad.

Blue fingers checked,
Whether the resistance of the parallel line breaks through,

This month’s move is a key point.

Because there is no proper support line at the bottom,
If Break Away It is dangerous.

Also, the MACD deadcross at the bottom
It is the order to come out.

Focusing on this part, I brought a trading strategy.

Today’s trading strategy.

It’s a 30 minute chart / long position strategy.

overall , ichmoku Blue clouds.

mostly , In red clouds ->
When changing to a blue cloud, a large drop occurs.

But , Stably supported,

Candles newly created today
If the floor section is not breakaway,
You can start advantageously.

And , The shape of the month candle is very important.
(Top tail, bottom tail, top and bottom tail, etc.)

*Please pay attention to the blue movement path and main sections.
(If Green parallel line support line Breakaway , Stoploss required)

* Safety section “Smile” at the top / Danger section “i don’t like” at the bottom.

*From the red finger section on the top
If you can’t touch the light blue line,

It becomes a short position entry.

When , “i don’t like” saction Break Away,
check the red finger at the bottom.

Good luck.

Published at Wed, 01 Jul 2020 04:09:08 +0000

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