IOTA recently hit  Pivot  Resistance Levels.
Last resistance: 0.2714 for short trades.
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Daily trend moves & reversal alert

Exclusive: This exclusive indicator is ideal for traders looking for a unique & low-repainting alert.

Advantages: Alert shows forming  support & resistance  levels

Limitations: View on charts above 5 minutes



Pivot  alert automatically derives signals from live & historical data to shows a directional signal on the bottom of the chart.

A directional long/short alert can then be set from the alert to give a live notification of changing market conditions.

These alert signals are derived from a combination of live and historical data which allows the code to have increased stability and reduce the amount of repaint to almost none.

By visually laying out the signal on the bottom of the chart with red & green arrows,  Pivot  alert allows complex Trend levels and also  Support & Resistance  levels to be identified and used correctly.

Daily  Pivot  alert allows easy determination of levels & trend direction than can assist in identifying trade entry, profit, target or reversal levels for chartists.


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Published at Sat, 09 Nov 2019 13:16:58 +0000

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