The red column indicates to sell and the green column indicates to buy… Look at the most recent bar to see if it is a buy or a sell. Follow us to get updates on here every 2 hours for our system!

To effectively use our system you need to trade XRPBTC , EOSBTC , XBTUSD , ETHUSD , LTCBTC , TRXBTC , ADABTC and BCHBTC all at the same time on BitMEX. Our research shows that by creating a portfolio of trades we can reduce the drawdown on our portfolios on BitMEX. We keep 8 positions (1 on each) open at all times and swing trade following our system.

We are committed to helping traders get to the next level

Expected profits for 12 months following our ideas.

1BTC to 30BTC X1 leverage
1BTC to 100BTC X2 leverage
1BTC to 1000BTC X3 leverage

Best regards,

Ryan Grey

Published at Sun, 10 Nov 2019 12:24:01 +0000

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