INTRADAY 11/08/19 Forecast BTCUSDt Binance

INTRADAY 11/08/19 Forecast BTCUSDt Binance

Dear friends,

Continuing intraday forecasts.
Bitcoin is still located in the large trading corridor 9100 – 9500

If we expand the direction of the Thomas DeMark trend by TF, then at the moment we get the following local trends:
Week is Bearish
Day is bullish
4 hours – bearish

Yesterday was completely bearish . Multiple attempts to break through the support level have been seen.
Now there is consolidation at the lower border of the trading channel.
A local bearish trend has formed.

There is a high probability of another attempt to break through the support level .
Zone 9100 – 9160 is actively redeemed. Therefore, I do not see a strong dip below it today.

The scenario for the day is bullish , with a rebound from the support level (see green arrows)
The level of cancellation of the bullish scenario – 9060 USD
The top trading range for today is 9400 USD
The lower trading range for today is 9022 USD

Medium-term priority scenario – flat within the corridor 9100 – 9500

Good luck to everyone and good profits!
Michael @Hyipov

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Friends, I remind you that this is only my personal view of the market, which I share with you. I do not guarantee profits. Only you make the final decision and all the risks associated with it.

Published at Fri, 08 Nov 2019 03:03:47 +0000

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