H&S on the 1h time frame or a bull flag

H&S on the 1h time frame or a bull flag

It seems the bears might just take over again
We might go back to 30 000
Pattern seems weird but it kinda resembles a bull flag

We also see a test pullback and break that’s is Usaully a sign of support we see a confirmation with the market unable to go below that point going side ways but down.

THE rsi is just above 50
We can look at the rsi because we are in a ranging market

If we do go back to 30 000 or 34000 what does this mean for the bulls

Bad news for now
Those who hope to buy bitcoin still good news
The longer the. Consolidation the bigger the breakout may it be up or down.


Published at Fri, 11 Jun 2021 03:06:39 +0000

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