Hbar – Target for 2030 – 4 Dollars

Hbar – Target for 2030 – 4 Dollars

In present day dollars, Hbar will equal 4 dollars by 2030; giving it a market cap of 200 billion dollars.

That’s an 80-100x return for present day investors.

At 200 billion, it should be able to liquefy the digital economy of the entire Earth.

The old coins and blockchain technology will slowly recede into fond and distant memories. They were lots of fun but were surpassed by Hashgraph performance.

It’s clear to anyone with a brain that Blockchain couldn’t work at scale: was inefficient, slow, costly; and so Hashgraph was built.

My guess, the moment of realization will be when Youtube and Google start paying content creators in Hbar.

It’ll probably happen sometime in 2021.

Published at Tue, 11 Aug 2020 02:15:25 +0000

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