A brief history of us, we started in October of 2017 with the idea of ​​creating a private token as a Monero and we called Ethereum Monero ( EXMR) to our

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ERC20, but given the prohibitions of governments and the attack on these types of coins with privacy and

understanding that we would have limitations we made a different movement .

Then EXMR in mid-2018, we made an ICO but the funds obtained at that time were not enough since we had been dragging the name of Ethereum Monero, but even so, we continued by our firm conviction and the responsibility then we started a new path, the funds were used, in rates to be listed in the following exchanges: Yobit, Bitebtc, Instanbitex, Cryptaldash, and others, as well as in services related to exchanges, were also used in the initiation of the project with a payment gateway system called EXMR Get Crypto Payments

Previous logo but used in our getcryptopayments platform

getcryptopayments.com an ambitious and large project, the same for its magnitude and costs has cost us to complete it, since it will include a wide range of tools, applications, plugins, services, etc., we have as a goal to conclude this 2020. Other funds were used to pay for some advertising, promotion, videos, image designs, articles, media networks promotion, re brand cost, etc., and to keep us in the market even with the great falls of the same,even though we manage as much as we could the lack of liquidity in terms of the amount of tokens left in our hands, we need to rethink again and start something more attractive for the entire crypto community since we have a committed team and great support for our community, that is why for a few months, we made a radical change, we created a new secure smart contract already audited, and that has special functions such as: staking rewards, percentages to burn tokens for transactions this optional by voting, and other functions more. we have successfully completed our swap.

For all that we have learned in the way of the mistakes made, we are now:

We are a laboratory of Dapps and Projects to continue promoting the crypto world our main objective, is to integrate a large number of developers passionate about blockchain technology, which through our foundation finds the support to create its Dapps and projects under our ecosystem and with the help of other developers, for this we have created a program called EXMR FDN Developer Bounty, which is open to all developers You should only apply https://exmrfoundation.org/dev-bounty and integrate into the development work that will begin this 2020.

EXMR FDN token has a total supply of 18 Million of which, there is already a placement to date of 10 Million in the market, the remaining 8 Million continues in the IEO. We have a maximum supply of 75 Million by subtracting the 18 Million we are left with 57 Million these are being distributed as follows:

Developer Bounty: 25M

Team & Future Company use: 7M

Staking Reward: 25M

IEO: 18M


EXMR FDN currently provides a staking rewards system for its holders so that they can generate 0.01% on their frozen tokens every day. You should only purchase EXMR FDN and place them in our dApp https://dapp.exmr.io these rewards are for keeping your tokens in a cold wallet and strengthening our price in the exchanges, there are currently more than 9 Million frozen of FDN EXMR.

Our foundation requires your support to execute all our projects and support blockchain technology so we are in an IEO process our IEO is being executed by P2PB2B here is the link: https://p2pb2b.io/token-sale/EXMR/2 and the IDO is being executed by us here the link: https://exmrfoundation.org/ieo

We hope you get closer to us and that together we can perform great and important actions to improve blockchain technology.

Published at Sun, 12 Jan 2020 20:19:48 +0000


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