Ethereum it’s wake up; don’t missing this trade!!!

Ethereum it’s wake up; don’t missing this trade!!!

I see that in H4 timeframe Ethreum it’s so bullish and today we break up this simetric triangle. The reaso that I hope it’s to have an extra confirmation and be secure to entry in the market.

Look how in H8 timeframe the trend it’s continue bullish and then, Ethereum it’s so bullish in this chart becuase Ethereum make support using this trend line support and then, we hope that Ethereum continue up in the next days. Why? Because if you look in Daily chart , we have a good confirmation that we can to put a buy order limit so near of the actual price to entry to long in Ethereum

Guys, if you are so interesting look this idea, you can to comment below about my own Question: How can you see me more oriented in the market? Forex or crypto? And why?

I make this question because I need to know if I’m so popular in Forex or crypto because based in my reputation it’s more oriented more in cryptocurrency!!! And maybe I’m interesting to trade related market like stocks to invest and trade in the most company that I like. Stoks market it’s another market that I’m interesting to learn and more about it. So, in general I trade whole financial makrets, specially the popular pars in the financial markets. But, I believe that I’m intersting crypto, and learn stocks and make trading in cryptocurrency and stock markets.

Published at Thu, 14 Jan 2021 10:48:07 +0000

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