Ethereum: Gearing up for another weekend rally?

Ethereum: Gearing up for another weekend rally?

During the last two weekends, we saw significant moves of Ethereum against Bitcoin. These moves came on the back of Bitcoin stabilizing a bit for a couple of days and giving Ethereum the breathing room it needed to make its own move. If Ethereum does make another move against Bitcoin, the goal at this point would seemingly be for Ethereum to break its all-time-high (just over $1400). This was be symbolic for Ethereum, just as it was for Bitcoin once Bitcoin made it to $20k. Keep an eye on Bitcoin to gauge Ethereum’s potential. The catalyst is there, but it depends on if Bitcoin can either move up or stabilize. Either of those scenarios will likely benefit Ethereum, but a catastrophic Bitcoin dump would make us realize the downside risk we so often discuss. Do you think Ethereum will reach its prior ATH this weekend? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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