Ethereum Core Maintainers 👷‍♂️ – The Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians

Ethereum Core Maintainers 👷‍♂️ – The Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians

Lately, there has been a lot of misconceptions about protocol and network improving groups and communities. This is article is explaining groups that are maintaining Core of the Ethereum and briefly sums-up the role of AllCoreDevs.

If you have been searching for those or similar questions lately, keep on reading.


Like every ecosystem, Ethereum needs maintainers too. People who will maintain the software and will be in charge of the software to work as seamlessly as possible.

There are 3 “main” groups that are taking care of Ethereum.

Before jumping into explaining the roles of each group, I would like to encourage the community to join Ethereum Cat Herders and Ethereum Magicians. Ethereum is not blockchain only for developers. It has the most developers and strongest community from all blockchains out there. We are all building the future and contributing to the public good — open source.

They are Code Maintainers. Responsible for ETH1 network clients, upgrading, maintaining code and core structure of Ethereum. Writing code, testing EIPs, maintaining nodes. Making sure that everything is running from the technical and software perspective of the Ethereum network.

You can imagine them as “project management” for Ethereum. They started as a group of individuals who wanted to help out AllCoreDevs to be more organised. Cat Herders are supporting Ethereum Developers, coordinating Hard Forks, monitoring EIPs, creating PM processes and retroactive reports, relaying information between teams, organising AllCoreDevs calls, providing transcripts for the call, creating schedules, collecting feedback, creating and publishing audits and directly helping out AllCoreDevs with communications and operations.

You can imagine Ethereum Magicians as “place” or a “venue” for discussions. Ethereum Magicians started as a group of people who wanted to have a high signal place for discussions around EIPs and other technical topics. They’re on Ethereum Magicians forum where anyone can create a topic, be apart of the Working Group (Ring) — have topic related discussions. Ethereum Magicians are trying to help AllCoreDevs by running and maintaining the forum as a place for meeting the community without unwanted noise (that you can find on social media like Crypto Twitter or Reddit).

Magicians are also facilitating and organising in-person meetings — Councils where the community meets and talks about problems that we all are facing in Ethereum. On those meetings, we are trying to find answers on questions by inviting Core Devs and Ethereum researchers and community. Recently, we organised Ethereum Roadmap 2020 sessions at Devcon5. Those sessions had a great turn out from the community and brought over a lot of fruitful discussions.

Support Ethereum Magicians operations by showing some ❤️ to FEM multisig.

This article was created with ❤️ by Ethereum Magicians and collaboration with Ethereum Cat Herders.

Published at Thu, 07 Nov 2019 18:24:11 +0000


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