ETHEREUM at ATH! | Where To Buy The Dip Before ETH hits $50k?

ETHEREUM at ATH! | Where To Buy The Dip Before ETH hits $50k?

Ethereum is now approaching ATH again. What does this mean, and will Ethereum perform better than bitcoin in 2021, and where should we buy Ethereum on the dip possibly 10x in value this year? I personally think there is a large chance of that which is why I have allocated over 60% of my entire crypto portfolio into Ethereum. If Ethereum goes, Alt coins will most likely follow. I will break down potential dip buy zones for Ethereum if it does pull back, Levels we should watch to maybe consider temporarily selling, and why I believe ETH will out perform Bitcoin on a fundamental level.

Video Chapters:
0:00 – Intro
1:42 – Topic Intro
2:45 – Fundamental Analysis
7:11 – Technical Analysis Entries
10:33 – Ethereum Summary

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