Ether/Bit 3.3.21

Ether/Bit 3.3.21

When Eth going to moon? I can hear it now from ppl . There will be a time when Ether runs hard af . All i can say is its coming. Right now i like to see the despair and hopelessness that i’m seeing from many traders. I want to see more give up on Ethereum . “its dead” “Binance Chain is better” “blah blah blah” were all guilty of it. But i’m telling you when ether wakes up and decides to put on its big boy pants you are going to know. eth still far from ath against BTC . I think its putting in a base right now and gearing up to run. I went alll in on Ether a few days ago and any small erc 2o plays that pop up i’ll play against Ether.

Published at Thu, 04 Mar 2021 01:18:11 +0000

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