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ETHBTC Forecast based on Cycle History

ETHBTC Forecast based on Cycle History

I charted this on 20 May and had not looked at it since.

What I wanted to know was should I be holding more BTC , or more ETH? What will grow more according to the charts regardless of my opinion of their fundamentals or adoption ?

If the charts are a representation of the psychology of the masses, then psychology tells us : the best prediction for future behavior is past behavior.
Thus, I’m a big believer price action rhyming with previous BTC halving cycles.

You’ve probably heard chartists say “history rhymes but never repeats”
While I am aware that ETH was just getting started in the markets peak in 2017/2018… and it will likely far outperform BTC , I have charted a conservative forecast mimicking the previous cycle.
I’ve pointed out the previous ATH of BTC and ETH as well as where I think we can expect them in the months to come.
The past 2 seem to have been on track in a general sense.

Let me know your thoughts

Published at Tue, 08 Jun 2021 18:45:43 +0000

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