EOS is rising above the most basic upward trend line of all time.

It is also above the 3.3823 point, which is the price to be protected, and is rising above 100MA.

It is crossing over three main points at once.

EOS has “rising divergence”.

If the rise triggers “rising divergence,” there’s a chance that it will touch 4.1778.

If you go further up and touch the historical downward trend line , you can see that it has amazing power.
However, since there are 300MA, 200MA, and 500MA in the rising section, it is unlikely to rise easily.
A good flow could be achieved by stocking up and gaining strength above 300MA, 200MA and 500MA between 3.8113 and 4.1778.

EOS’s inflection date is around November 14.

If we keep the price above 3.3823 by then, we expect more momentum.

If it falls, it should never go below 2.6883.

(An inflection day is a day when price changes are severe or the flow can reverse or rebound.)

Published at Tue, 05 Nov 2019 10:05:35 +0000

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