EOS breakout of 200 Days SMA and start of parabolic move ?

EOS breakout of 200 Days SMA and start of parabolic move ?

EOSUSDT price action: Bullish breakout of 200 Days SMA . Parabolic move, huge spike after crossover of 200 Days SMA line. Potential retest of SMA200 resistance line at 3.45$. Consolidation bellow resistance before next upward target: 4.23$ and 4.43$.

Volume: Volume increased, bullish spike.
Indicators: MACD bullish crossover above zero line, RSI above 75 points. Very bullish sign.
Patterns: BULLISH BREAKOUT OF 200-Days SMA , trend reversal. Parabolic move ?
S/R: Strong Support 2.93$, Support 3.45$, Resistance 4.08$, next resistance 4.23$, Strong Resistance 4.43$ .

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Published at Tue, 14 Jan 2020 19:49:09 +0000

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