DOGE – 11/25/2021

DOGE – 11/25/2021

The trend set from 4/19 looks good still. The daily chart for doge is almost very oversold. The macd looks like it’s showing momentum upwards. ETH and BTC look like they’re showing signs of reversal, and if it’s true that their price action and the trading pair values for them are good indicators for doge movement, we could see a good reversal for doge soon.

I think it’s entirely possible that doge could drop to .1950 or .20 cents though before another spike. I’m still focusing on buying under .2160 as a good position for the upcoming run.
BTC could drop to 54k and ETH to 3950/4k areas following the same concept. I think it’s a little less likely given the action in their prices, but not out of the question at all.

Published at Thu, 25 Nov 2021 15:51:48 -0500

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