Adds Jon Russell As Asian Based General Partner

The Singapore-based company,, has hired the former TechChurch and The Ken reporter, Jon Russell as their Asian-based general partner. And with this new development, they hope to expand Fund further.’s $200 million Web 3 fund came into existence in March 2012. As of Monday, intending to expand via the venture arm of investing Restores Withdrawals After Reportedly Losing $15m To Hackers, the popular cryptocurrency exchange platform, halted all deposits and withdrawals on Monday, January 11, citing “unauthorized activity” on some accounts. It has, however, reinstated some accounts and withdrawal services, noting that the accounts are now safe. News From Yesterday According to security and data analytics firm PeckShield, has been the latest target of

What The World Learned About Bitcoin In 2021

Four lessons learned in 2021 speak to the universal truths about Bitcoin and why our world needs it. How poetically perfect that 2021 was the year that the world discovered how 21 million bitcoin are the key to the world’s future economic system. This was the year when the public finally woke up. Last year,

Bitcoin Is Revolutionizing Global Money Management

Technologies that were state of the art 50 years ago will be usurped by Bitcoin as the superior technology makes itself apparent. State Of The System The barriers to entering global financial markets are archaic. Overextended processing times, high transaction fees, deadweight loss due to exchange rates, the list goes on. While these might be

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