BTCUSTD 1week perspective ://love this chart and this space…

BTCUSTD 1week perspective ://love this chart and this space…

BTC -is on a tear… Possible AMAZING entry opportunities in next few weeks.
ETH -Same Same

There should be some fall off as things settle down esp in traditional markets but all in all so many good signs for BTC and Crypto. From PYPL , SQ going all in on crypto payment systems, to MSTR etc throwing cash from treasuries into BTC , to the push for Crypto guidelines especially in the EU and USA the bull season, Covid be damned, is slowly mounting. A bunch of big what if’s to go and questions to be answered over the next few weeks and months but all in all the markets, especially the crypto eco system, is looking so much better than we thought when the covid 19 pandemic hit.

We believe that over the next few months as BTC ETH etc gains more interest, hype and most importantly user friendly fiat ramps, these major “commodities” will grow and hopefully boom. As people enter this space and see profits in main, easy to buy tokens ( BTC etcetera), they will want to enter and “play” in the market. This is when we should see alt coins/ “tokens” catch up.

We have reduced all positions in ALTs while increasing stable coin positions, BTC , ETH, and long term yield plays through Celsius network and staking through protocols from the few tokes we really like long no matter what.

LINK- Link is Link. Link is everywhere helping bridge the gap in the crypto eco system to traditional everything. from finance to entertainment Chain Link has a ridiculous head start in the oracle business. We need to do more research on competition like BAND, DIA and Tellor. who all have a potential 100x on long if they don’t trip over there own feet as the money pours into this eco system

CEL-The next Crypto bank… Love this project and team leader_Founder Alex Mashinsky is a beast. He don’t need the money and is trying to leave his mark in Money over internet protocol technology (MOIP). He has a bunch of pattents_cereal entrepreneur and is arguably an innovator in payment system or voice over internet protocol (VOIP) holding early foundational patents we still use today for payment processing. BEAST. Helped with Voyager project_exchange and will be a definite trend setter in US CRYPTO POLICY.

VGX- Love this platform. Very user friendly and trying to be on the cutting edge of USA regulatory systems that will inevitably pave the way for stable trustworthy “yield farming” ie banking. You earn just for keeping your tokens on the exchange. Its that easy and has a bunch of other user friendly features. The Smart Order Router identifies the best price on the best available exchange and takes a small fee. The few times we have traded here it was very reasonable especially with common tokens and pairs. Prices will go up on random purchases etc but you can always preview b4 any sell or buy.

CRO- (We do hold some small amount of CRO thats staked on this is a whole other discussion but all in all this one has a ton of potential especially once the recent price drop off officially stabilizes for a week or so. We will officially go long with CRO in the coming months maybe even weeks.

ADA- Hedge your ETH bets, doesn’t hurt founder of Cardano Charles Hoskinson was the co founder of ETH and has a boss of a team and a crazy drive that is intimidating and steve jobs-esk. “BIG ask, BIGGER we will see” but at .10 cents run it…

ALGO- Another hedge, another boos of a leader_founder_team. Silvio Micali is MIT founded_Professor of computer science and on the leading edge of cryptography and information security. They are dedicated to smart contracts and so much more. Strong presence in Asia this is one of our all around favorite projects that “seems” to check all the boxes (need to research Tezos and EOS and a few more but ADA and ALGO is what we like in this space)

ENJ- Can’t say enough good about this project. The more we learn the more we want to buy.

Theta- This is a entertainment platform with a lot of promise. This is a crowded space with most of its market share currently dominated by Netflix , Hulu, Prime, etc. We need to do a deep dive but Digital Asset News clued us on this one. plus the chart looks amazing for the short life it has had especially in this current market climate.

XLM_XRP_In the short term we are divided in thought on XLM and XRP.
-AI and other models predict a short term run over the next few months starting now_next few weeks, with a long down trend. Ideally they both pop and 10x plus, then sell 50 to 90 percent of position depending on long term views/goals and ride it from there. Like I said we are split on the Long BUT Short (next 2 to 4 months) looks promising. Good consolidation, decent charts especially with XLM and the XRP camp is saying and doing all the rite shit but man… like i said… divided here and would love “deeper non chart” thoughts.

The bottom line here is that over the next 5 plus years holding “some” xlm and xrp is probably not going to hurt. BUT, esp with xrp, there is almost to much hype, to much good news. “Every time xrp goes up I remember the saying buy the rumor sell the hype”. Something to remember, the creators of XLM helped start XRP and owes Ripple labs a lot of money. (Jed McCaleb founder of MT GOX (lol forgot about that Gox hoopla and hack) co founder of Ripple> There is also the issue with both projects having lots of their own tokens available to “sell off” for in reality, any reason, which has definitely been happening in moderation…

(side note: interesting with RIPPLE labs receiving patent last month, that I believe they filed for back in 2017 and the new token fork spark. Combine all this with unclear regulations and pick your card I mean theory…)
(KNC and a few other alts are in similar in AI prediction ranges, pop in next few months then LONGGGGGG bag hold)

ZRX- Ox is important to ETH for many reasons specifically trading. We are divided here as well and mostly reduced postions buy as much as 70 percent. Again may jump in later but our focus is shifting to longer term plays.

Published at Mon, 26 Oct 2020 21:34:37 +0000

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