BTCUSD – Turning Back Down

BTCUSD – Turning Back Down

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*** All my previous ideas were hidden because I violated house rules of promoting an external link. I had no idea it was a violation and it was unintentional ***

Excellent entry point for a SHORT position at $8800.

BTCUSD must close today above $9045 to continue going higher. Because it tested $9045 but it is poised to not close the week above it, it is indicative that this breakout has ran its course and it is over.

Also, you will also notice that USD index will form a TEMP LOW this week then rise sharply higher. US stocks, Gold , Silver will also make a TEMP HIGH this week then enter a correction etc. Also, next week could mark the end of negative interest rates policy because the market is forcing the Fed to raise interest rates because there’s no private capital interested in participating in REPO operations etc etc.

This week is a TURNING POINT on a lot of things globally. Even politics: Trump Impeachment, Russia government entire cabinet resigning, Iran. Trade: China Trade Deal, US-MEX-CA trade deal…

Happy trading!! remember, use triple protection moving forward.

Published at Fri, 17 Jan 2020 14:54:23 +0000

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