BTCUSD “Road to 8.5k”

BTCUSD “Road to 8.5k”

Hello Traders,

As BTCUSD is trending bullish continuously for the past a couple of weeks now, I believe that we’re in a temporary correction phase, which is healthy for BTC , I wanted to share a trading strategy for short term from a buy-side.

Well, from long term perspective, the target price could be a lot higher than this and I personally think so but as of right now the first target price from this point would be $8500.

Profit-loss ratio : 2.20

Minimum probability to make profit : 31.25%

Thank you,

After all, only Traders who have right strategies that penetrate markets will survive, not people trading with luck or without criteria.

Published at Mon, 13 Jan 2020 00:13:51 +0000

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