BTCUSD – Lower High In Place

BTCUSD – Lower High In Place

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*** All my previous ideas were hidden because I violated house rules of promoting an external link. I had no idea it was a violation and it was unintentional ***

Socrates computer has identified that the Daily TEMP HIGH is in place at $9000 and we also have TEMP HIGH at the Monthly level so, this is very, very significant confirmation. We have a Directional Change for today so maybe we get a spike higher or a move lower but nothing big. The next big target is Monday so starting this weekend through Monday we could get a significant spike higher before breaking down or it could go straight into a breakdown.

Or, to entertain a Bullish possibility, it could go straight up, shatter all resistance and continue to new ATH … I doubt it though…

Happy trading! use triple protection.

Published at Thu, 16 Jan 2020 13:50:49 +0000

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